When Mistakes Work Out...Sorta

I was trying to make a really pretty card, my own version of the one my stamping friend made. Only the changes that I made were not working out. Also I did a big no no...I glued before getting it all pieced together. I was pretty sure all I had accomplished was creating some nice new scraps.

At the last minute I saw a face, an amusing little face. Here it is:

Maybe not the best card ever, but it's not a pile of scraps either. :-)

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Surprise I'm Still Here

Here I am again after a LONG absence. For those of you still hanging around I hope to not disappear on you again and hopefully I will meet some new followers along the way.

I've updated my blog to reflect current Stampin' Up! publications and promotions. Hopefully I didn't miss anything, it's quite a big job when it hasn't been done for so long. However, most of the tabs at the top are still not working properly.What they were were links to my personal Stampin' Up! site where you could order from me online, see my events calendar, view promotions, etc. This personal site comes with a monthly charge which at the time I do not feel is justifiable.

I've mostly been a hobby demonstrator this time around and keeping current with my own purchases. Lately though I've been really missing the social aspect and have been considering hosting a few events here and there. I've mostly been thinking about a day once every 3 months where people pay just a flat fee to come make a few projects. No ordering required, unless of course you wanted to, then we could work something out. Other than that I thought about maybe just a couple of specialty days, possibly like Christmas cards. If anyone is interested or has any suggestions let me know.

I'll leave off with a couple of cards my son and I made for my baby girl's 2nd birthday the other day.

Pablo from the Backyardigans