Hey did I scare you?  It's been so quiet here for so long I may have startled everyone!

I have couple of things to share with you today.  First, I updated the catalogs in the side bar, so if you want to look at something current now you can. Also,  I'll post the Holiday Mini as soon as we are allowed to.  Let me tell you, I need to win the lotto for that catalog.  If you see anything that you need I can still get it for you, even though I am mostly just a hobby demo for now.

My second share is an actual card.  A swap in this case, 100 of them.  Yep you heard correct, I made 1-0-0 of these bad boys!  Quite honestly I really don't care if I ever see this card again, but after working so hard on it I just have to get a little acknowledgement.  So without further ado, here it is:

It is made using the new set Flowering Flourishes, new in colors Midnight Muse and Primrose Petals, and a billion trips through the Big Shot (well maybe not a billion, but after 100 cards it seemed like it).  I will make sure to share the 100 cards with you that I get back in exchange for these beauties.

Thanks for pretending that this is the best card you've ever seen...see you again SOON!!